• Board of underground coordination
  • Pedestrian and vehicular
    protection plan
  • Site preparation
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Asset recovery
  • Earth retention

VA Lakeside/Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL

Site Profile

Purchased by Northwestern Memorial Hospital in 2005, this vacated 18-floor Veterans Administration medical facility was built in 1955. Located in the Streeterville neighborhood of Chicago, the high rise will be redeveloped as an integral part of the hospital’s medical campus master plan.

Project Description

Demolition work was conducted within a high-density, high-traffic area of Chicago requiring strategic planning to secure the whole perimeter of the site with barricades, erect scaffolding around the entire building and install high-voltage electrical protection. A large generator building on the west side of the property was taken down. Also, asbestos abatement was performed. Concrete and brick debris was processed onsite and any scrap materials were salvaged for recovery. Lastly, sheeting was provided for new caissons to accommodate the proposed new structure.