• Site remediation and abatement
  • Design and build construction
  • Utilities management
  • Hazardous-waste management

Naval Station Great Lakes, Great Lakes, IL

Site Profile

Founded in 1911, Naval Station Great Lakes is the Navy’s largest training facility and the largest military installation within Illinois. The 1,628-acre site includes 1,153 buildings that accommodate 25,000 military and civilian personnel living, working and training on the premises. The Navy embarked on a 12-year recapitalization program that replaced outdated buildings and infrastructure with modern training facilities and living areas.

Project Description

Various structures on the active military base were totally demolished. Work included site preparation, disconnecting utilities, materials processing and asbestos abatement. The site was restored for later redevelopment. All activities were completed in strict adherence with all military/government security mandates, as well as safety, quality-control and documentation requirements.