• Site remediation and abatement
  • Hazardous-waste management
  • Asset recovery
  • Storm-water management (SWPP)

Collins Generating Station, Morris, IL

Site Profile

The 13th largest oil/natural gas-fired electric generating station in the United States was closed and decommissioned in 2004. The station was no longer able to compete with less expensive, more modern gas-fired peaker plants. Built in the 1970s, the facility occupied a 3,300-acre site, and while in operation, generated 2,698 megawatts of power to supplement the nuclear plants of Commonwealth Edison Company.

Project Description

The complex was completely demolished and the site restored for eventual redevelopment. Five boiler and five turbine generators were destroyed and disposed of along with eight 550,000-barrel above-ground storage tanks and several miles of piping to convey the oil from the barge-offloading system. Remediation activities were also performed to remove any contaminated soil or materials. Any scrap metal from the structure was recovered and salvaged.